World Café

How does a “World Café” work?

At the Swiss Future Technology Forum SFTF we will focus on active and animated open discussions in the World Café format by facilitating a lively exchange of views among all participants. The ‘World Café’ format is a simple and effective methodology for hosting a large group dialogue.

In a ‘World Café’, all participants discuss in several rounds in small groups, and actively collect and exchange their thoughts on a set of targeted questions. Upon completion of the different rounds, the results from all groups will be collected and presented to the plenary.

The outcome of these group discussions will then be summarized and presented to the plenary in the final round-table panel discussion.

During the first half day of the SFTF, selected speakers will provide input and working hypotheses.

The goal of the Swiss Future Technology Forum SFTF is to exchange and discuss different, even opposing views and experiences to enable all participants to learn more about alternative approaches to deal with the challenges of your revolutionary, high-end technologies and their commercialization. Co-operation and the exchange of ideas within a company and with outside people at the SFTF and its workshops are crucial for leading a successful company, both today and in the future.